Over view.


Current proa project.

The plan is to sail him to New Zealand early 2016.

Initially built with my brother Matt after he sailed to Antarctica with my older brother Ben and Father Jon.

After sea trials it has been decided to change the rig as the single laten setup has proven too hard to handle. I’m in the process of turning him into a schooner with 2 smaller crab claw style sails.

Also the beams and ama (outrigger) were not strong enough so both have been rebuilt with extensive strengthening and engineering.

Initial sea trials included sailing to Saint Hellens ( top east side of Tasmania) from Bruny Island (very bottom) a four day trip, he was very comfortable in the conditions we encountered and proved exceptionally capable of a Tasman crossing.

A bit of info about Proas

Proa’s (outrigger canoe’s) are very unusual craft that helped populate the pacific islands, ingenious in design, simplicity and seaworthiness. I have been interested in proa’s for the last few years so it has been a great experience to build one and sail it. The design we used was based on the Marshell Island voyaging proa’s still made the traditional way today, but we have used modern materials and a modified rig, the traditional one seemed to hard for two people to handle.
The one unusual aspect I will mention is the fact that they have no front and back, so to change direction you shunt rather than tack. This involves bearing away to a broad reach then swinging the sail right around, at the same time lifting the steering oar and moving to what was the front or bow, then lowering that oar making the old front the back. This seems rather confusing but the advantage is the outrigger always stays up wind as ballast.

Also on youtube Matt has posted this


There is a more comprehensive blog here about the first trip.