Jazz and sculpture


Selected exhibitions including:

Art Farm Birches Bay 2015.

Acquisition prize

sams boat small

Benchmarking Sculpture Trail. 2008-2014

Winning the following Awards:

Centenary art Prize-2008

Sun Dial

Sun dial

Kingborough Council Merit Award-2009

Paper Nautilus

Paper nautilus

Peoples choice Award-2010


Emerge (opening fern frond side)

Bruny Island Sculpture Exhibition-2010

At Anchor

Acquisition prize

At Anchore Thumbnail

NZ Sculpture on shore 2008.




Dan has also had a number of commissions and public art works.


Plus a solo show:

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To See the Sea


More detailed selected Exhibition:

Art Farm Birches Bay, Tasmania 2015

(Acquisition prize)

Benchmarking Sculpture Trail, Tasmania 2014

Weld Echo, Tasmania 2014

Rediscover Bruny, Tasmania 2013

Benchmarking Sculpture Trail, Tasmania 2011

Weld Echo, Tasmania 2011

Adventure Bay Art Exhibition, Tasmania 2010

Benchmarking Sculpture Trail, Tasmania 2010

(Peoples choice award)

Weld Echo, Tasmania 2010

Bruny Island Sculpture Exhibition, Tasmania 2010

(Acquisition prize) Benchmarking Sculpture Trail, Tasmania 2009

(Kingborough Council Merit Award)

Wooden Boat Festival, Tasmania 2009

Benchmarking Sculpture Trail, Tasmania 2008

(Centenary art prize)

Solo Exhibition To See The Sea, Auckland NZ 2008

RNZYS Nautical Art Exhibition, Auckland NZ 2007

Wooden Boat Festival, Tasmania 2007

NZ Sculpture Onshore, Auckland NZ 2006

Not Yet Famous Exhibition, Tasmania 2006

(Sculpture first prize)

RNZYS Nautical Art Exhibition, Auckland NZ 2005

Peppermint Bay Sculpture Trail, Tasmania 2005

Wellington Airport Featured Sculptor, Wellington NZ 2005

Affordable Art Show, Wellington NZ 2003

Wild Wheels, Wellington NZ 2002

(Peoples choice award)