Sailing Landrover

How to turn a Land Rover into a Land Yacht

With the price of petrol going up, I decided to rig my old landy up with a sail and… it worked! I got her up to 30km with about 40km tail wind, stoked!

I used an old headsail from a 27ft yacht, and from the proa experience decided to rig it crab claw style. The mast and yards are bamboo cut that morning and proved plenty strong enough, and for the rigging I used a couple of clothes lines. It was an amazing feeling to be gliding along the sand, no noisy motor and mine is real loud and rattly being so old. It has inspired me to experiment more and I have a trip planed for the future. It wouldn’t be to hard to set it all up so with an onshore breeze you could swap tacks and sail up and down the beach. Even have a gennaker on a prod out the front for some serious sailing.

Story in the NZ Herald